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Northshore Education Organization

International Opportunity. Life Changing Experience.

The Premier?International Education & Student Exchange Organization

The NorthShore Education Organization (NEO) cultural and educational organization was founded in 2005.?We are committed to promoting cross-border and cross-disciplinary cultural exchanges. NEO focuses on helping students?stand out from the crowd?in a highly competitive global education environment.

In the pursuit of knowledge, we encourage our students to continuously explore and learn for life.?NEO’s unique American study tour program is designed to provide students and the community with overseas customized study programs to create their own career future.

Programs and Services

Exchange Student Program

Individually developed to meet students? requests regarding school, subjects, sports and geographic areas.

College Prep Coaching

NorthShore helps students prepare for college applications and perform college work using thorough, tailored tutoring for an individual?s specific needs.

STEM Academic Program

NorthShore partners with internationally recognized universities and research labs to offer one of the best programs in the world.

Online Learning Classes

Students take classes online while receiving personalized guidance and instruction from top educators via WeChat and Skype.

Cultural Education Trips

NorthShore coordinates student excursions to the world-class cities. Our trips provide enriching experiences to last a lifetime.

Dual Enrollment Program

We offer a variety of options including a Simple Dual Diploma and our One-Month Exchange Program.

NORTHSHORE EDUCATION ORGANIZATION International Opportunity Summer Camps

International School

Students attending our International School gain an unparalleled experience with unlimited opportunities.

Summer Camps

NorthShore?s Summer Camps offer a variety of experiences for boys and girls of all ages.

We call that the NorthShore Advantage.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I apply for a course?

Students can choose to enroll?at any time?for any of our individual NEO courses.

Who will be the instructors for my course?

NEO has highly qualified tutors that work with parents and students to identify each individual's academic goals.

Will my child get proper learning support?

At NEO, we make sure that every student gets the necessary help they need. We offer both one on one online courses and group course offerings.

How many online courses does NEO offer?

We have a tremendous course catalog that parents and students can choose from. Please contact us for additional information.

Trusted By The Best

NorthShore Education has tremendous partnerships with the best organizations and schools all around the United States and internationally.